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EAT Magazine: July/AugustIssue

Summer …is….flying by. I meant to post this at the beginning of July, but somehow time slipped by so quickly. And now it’s almost Labour Day weekend. Thought I’d better put this out there while we still want to eat frozen treats in the sunshine….because what with the weather we had today, it’s time to […]

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Blondes Do Have More Fun….

…in the kitchen. Or at least in EAT magazine. It’s not often blond food is considered the height of deliciousness. Change up one letter, from “o” to “a” and you have the usual descriptor of pale coloured food: Bland. But not the case here. These four words will make you quiver with delight: Salted Caramel-Bourbon […]

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My Favourite “EAT’s”

January is often my catch-up time and also a reflection time, it being the first month of the new year and all of that soul-searching and organizing jazz. On the weekend I shot the new EAT magazine cover and my Local Kitchen story for the March/April edition. I love the socialness of a food shoot […]

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